Aside from your standard protein there’s a lot more to be gained from some un-assuming foods

Ten weird foods that build muscle.

  • Salt – Draws fluid into the muscle which is essential for growth
  • Ostrich – High in amino acids and low in calories
  • Tumeric – Curcumin in Tumeric stimulates cell growth in muscle tissue
  • Wheatgerm – Source of chromium which pushes calories into muscles
  • Watermelon – Reduces post gym soreness
  • Watercress – Alleviates the stress on your body from intense training
  • Sunflower seeds – huge protein per gram ratio and stimulate anabolism (a form of nerve communication to stimulate muscle growth)
  • Papaya – Papain an enzyme in Papaya helps your body absorb proteins
  • Peas – Pea protein packs a serious hit of amino acids
  • Tahini – Sesame seed spread is jam packed with zinc which aids muscle growth and recovery.
Ten weird foods that build muscle. A variety of vegetables and fruit on a market counter top