How to workout at home or when travelling.

TRX: #BAE I mean what can’t you do with these things. The possibilities are endless. Hang it from any door, tree, structure and train every part of your body across hypertrophy, strength and cardiovascular.Grab them here

Easy level CrossFit band: Come in various strengths. I find the various ways in which I can place muscle groups under tension for time challenges my nervous system in a completely different way to conventional weights. With these you can train your entire body anywhere within a 2 metre square space.Grab them here

Drybell: I honestly couldn’t live without this little fella, the Drybell (yellow kettle bells in top picture). I initially found it here on Amazon, it’s became my go-to almost every day for travel exercising in some way. It’s a portable kettle bell you can fill with water up to 10kg and sand up to 17kg meaning the variety is endless no matter where you are.

BCAAThe foundations of protein synthesis and muscle building. The body can’t produce these and so they must be ingested from food/supps. It’s often difficult to find adequate sources of nutrition to supply your body with the required levels of BCAA for maintaining and increasing fitness whilst travelling. Having these little gems helps with that. Grab them here

GlutamineTaking these supps aids in reducing muscle breakdown and improves protein metabolism. Glutamine is the most common amino acid found in your muscles—over 61% of skeletal muscle is Glutamine thus it’s essential to meet your body’s demand for it. Grab them here