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It’s a statement we stand by and believe in. And that’s why we believe in the mighty power of mushrooms!


Mother Nature can be used to vitalise and heal. She’s incredible!

It was our passion in travelling whilst living life as digi nomads across various continents that inspired us to explore the unusual and the lesser known ‘superfoods.’ And so, we discovered the MIGHTY power of mushrooms.

Cut to 2+ years later and we’ve made it our mission to deliver mother nature’s most invigorating and mighty mushrooms to you.

We’re a small company founded by two people, Frida and Adam. We love what we do and because we’re small, we work harder to deliver you better, purer and research-backed mushrooms. We focus on mushrooms that energise, vitalise and invigorate.

We hope you love what we do too.

Follow our journey to receive mushroom health tips, recipe ideas and exclusive discounts.For any queries, comments, problems or just to say hey! We’re here for you 


We'll be happy to answer it. Send a message below or find us @your_first_wealth_is_health

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Mighty mushrooms for life's little wins!

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We pride ourselves on being a totally open and honest brand. Please contact us for any concerns or questions. Here's some boring but important legal we need to be clear with.

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