Think you’ve herb it all before? Think again.

8 health boosting herbs and what they do for you:

Rosemary – Brainpower, high levels of compound 1,8-cineole aid with faster and more accurate brain power

Sage – Lower Cholesterol, full of antioxidants that hit fatty deposits and cholesterol that builds in your arteries

Coriander – Banish cravings, stimulates insulin secretion balancing blood sugar

Oregano – Ease sore muscles, contains beta-caryophyllene which work as anti inflammatory

Thyme – Skeletal strength, full of vitamin K, manganese and calcium

Parsley – Cancer protection, rich in apigenin which studies suggest reduce the risk of tumours

Mint – Defined body, helps flush out excess fluid so you appear thinner

Basil – Heart health, slashes blood pressure. Basically has a similar effect to mild beta-blockers

8 health boosting herbs and what they do for you/ A pepper and a variety of mixed herbs lay on a kitchen table.