Natural food protein is too big to be absorbed by the human gut.

Our body has to digest the protein by breaking it down into smaller pieces which can be absorbed. Only single amino acids, and di- and tri-peptides can be directly absorbed in our intestinal tract via specific peptide importers.

There are many forms of proteins produced in different ways for different reasons, here are a few and what they do to compare (with our main preferred supplier Myprotein).

Impact Native Whey

  • Sourced from milk
  • Creating it involves extracting proteins directly from skimmed milk using membrane technologies at low temperature
  • has a huge pure protein content of 95%
  • pasteurised once to avoid damaging any of the valuable protein rich peptides, ultimately enhancing its effectiveness levels.
  • has been shown to include up to 170% higher cysteine levels when compared to normal whey protein

Ultimately it is a very pure form of good quality protein but can be slow digesting due to the complex amino acid profile, so good as a pre bedtime shake.

Myprotein has good quality on the market and at reasonable prices, It’s Native whey is highly recommended.


PeptoPro Hydrolysate Casein

  • protein hydrolysate derived from the casein protein fraction of cow’s milk.
  • It is a pre digested protein making it much faster to be absorbed into the body
  • made from casein, it contains all the amino acids in an optimum ratio for human health and performance
  • very easily soluble in water
  • stimulates the release of insulin
  • Active peptides, which together with carbohydrates raise the concentration of insulin and supply the building blocks required for muscle recovery
  • contains 70-80% small di- and tri-peptides which are directly absorbed with digestion.

Overall this protein is one of the fastest to be absorbed into the body, making it great to take during training or straight after. Different to hydrolysed as its main values are derived from Casein.

Again Myprotein has the best quality on the market and at very reasonable prices, It’s PeptoPro Hydrolysate Casein tastes great and mixes easy.


Hydrolysed Whey Protein

  • has had some of its amino acid peptide bonds broken enzymatically into shorter chains of aminos which, in turn, leads to better absorption in the stomach.
  • for the serious trainer/athlete. Not really nessecasry unless competeting at high levels.
  • Can cause bloating due to the lactose ingredient
  • less time and energy to break down the protein and absorb it into the bloodstream.
  • which is Important because the number one stimulator of protein synthesis (muscle building) is the concentration of amino acids in your bloodstream.
  • stimulating insulin release, which decreases muscle protein breakdown

Many fitness people agree that this is a great protein for a fast intake into your blood stream of pure amino acids, within the small window you have after training not just to take the shake, but get it digested and into your muscles.

Myprotein is the most advised company, you can get it here (Hydrolysed Whey Protein)


Acid Whey Protein

  • manufactured from high quality vegetarian Cheese
  • Having the highest Biological Value (BV) of any known protein,containing high levels of both essential and non-essential amino acids
  • rich in natural beta-lactoglubin
  • Naturally higher Leucine levels which highly stimulates protein synthesis.
  • Naturally higher Cystein levels which will enable faster glutathion synthesis.
  • Naturally higher Typtophan levels could reduce stress and improve sleep.

Normally for specific dieters and athletes, suggestion is if the name doesn’t mean much to you, stick to the below all round whey.

Otherwise, get yourself some quality Acid Whey from here 


True Whey (for those who want an all round protein supplement)

  • highest grade whey protein concentrate and isolate
  • packed with the most biological available protein available and also contains a high amount of branch-chain-amino-acids (BCAA’s).
  • To aid the digestion of the whey protein contains added Digezyme®
  • Suitable for Vegetarians.

An all round great supplement if you’re not to sure about the first four above. Myprotein’s highest quality offering here


TRUTH | Different types of protein, what they do, which ones should you use.

TRUTH | Different types of protein, what they do, which ones should you use.

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