TRUTH | A REVIEW OF A PREMIUM NUTRITION SITE FOR BUYING MEAT - MUSCLEFOOD.COMWhen training nutrition is key, after all its 40% exercise 60% how you eat. Finding a variety of reasonably priced meats that are of a good guaranteed quality adds to this problem. That is why MUSCLEFOOD.COM has apparently been setup. And that is why, we at your first wealth is health, decided to give them a try and tell you what we thought.

Here’s what we ordered:

New customer pack

The smoked Salmon pack

Prime tuna chunks in brine

With the price and break down below (they threw in some free seasoning):

10 x 185g Prime Tuna Chunks In Brine Quantity 1£11.00
New Customer Super Lean Stack Quantity 1£75.00
1 x Premium Chicken Breast Fillets – 5 kg
2 x 8-9oz Prime British Rump Steak x1
2 x Lean Great British Steak Mince -400g
2 x Premium Diced Turkey Breast – 0.5 kg
1 x Lean Diced British Beef-0.8 kg
1 x Prime Pork Loin Steaks – 0.8 kg
2 x 2 x 6 oz Hache Steaks
1 x Corn-Fed French Chicken – 1.3kg
1 x British Isles Rose Veal Stir-Fry -0.3 kg
1 x Luxury Meat Seasoning – 25g
FREE: Grillstock Deep South Seasoning Quantity 1£0.00
Smoked Salmon-0.45 kg Quantity 1£9.00

Subtotal: £95.00 Delivery: £0.00 Total: £95.00


And heres what it looked like straight out the box:

muscle food delivery

Initially at first glance, for the money, it didn’t seem to much more than what you could get at a supermarket or local friendly butcher.

However, taking into account this is all vacuum packed, compressed and each sachet contains many pieces of meat, once we began to open up the sachets and separate them out into individual decent sized portions, we found this actually wasn’t the case.

Plus points about the delivery:

  • Once separated out the meat filled over 60 individual meal size portions freezer bags
  • Added on top of that was the ten tins of tuna and a full 1.3kg chicken (2-3 meal servings)
  • That works out at approximately £1.30 (including a tin of tuna as a meal size) per meat meal size portion. In our eyes, thats very good value
  • The delivery was free
  • We received a letter, cards, additional info about the packaging, cooking recommendations for some of the meat, storage recommendations and an exercise / nutrition plan by an athlete.
  • Business to consumer communication was excellent, regular email updates about our order, along with delivery information a day before and on the morning of delivery.
  • The food came chilled with ice packs. claim the way it is packed will keep it fresh for 72 hours in the box.
  • The individual chicken pieces themselves once separated came to over 20, 250g pieces.


Plus points about the meat:

  • The individual chicken breasts were large, heavy and had very little fat on them
  • Big thick juicy steaks
  • A huge slab of smoked salmon (generously separated into 5 portions) thick, oily and very pink.
  • The mince was lean
  • The diced turkey was completely fat free and had a strong thick texture, the veal also
  • Overall the meat was of great quality.


Our only bad points:

  • The earliest delivery date was a week after ordering, so future planning is needed
  • As each variety of meat comes vacuumed together it can take a while to individually separate them out into meal size portions.


Overall the delivery was impressive. Once separated, it simply cannot be matched by visiting a supermarket or butchers that we know of.

On the website they give a breakdown of the nutritional value of each piece of meat so you can plan each meal around your training.

We would recommend MUSCLEFOOD.COM if you are serious about your training and are looking for a large long term supply of good quality meal for great value.



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