• Have a glass of red wine every night after work, it helps you to chill out and its good for you.
  • Have as much oily fish nutrition as you can, they are full of heart protecting omega – 3.
  • Engulf supplements full of L-carnitine to getter stronger at the gym and burn fats.
  • To improve endurance training take choline, also known for improvements in brain function and protecting your heart


  • Nightcaps increase your chance of sleep apnoea and endothelial dysfunction (cardiovascular disease.) Eat two kiwi’s instead.
  • Swap mackerel and tuna for salmon and sardines to avoid the risk of mercury poisoning, which causes endothelium damaging (cells that line the interior surface of blood vessels and lymphatic vessels)
  • L-carnitine also causes cholesterol deposition. Leave it out.
  • Drink green tea to boost metabolism, supercharge your muscles with turkey meat, Choline is also a cholesterol booster. Use peppermint oil. Just 0.5ml will increase your endurance tome by 25%
TIPS | Old health rules vs new health rules

TIPS | Old health rules vs new health rules

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