Tea’s are degraded by oxygen, specifically their Polyphenols which means their properties aren’t as powerful when drank. Keep them in an air-tight container. Heat is also a major factor to releasing or destroying their goodness, we’ll cover this below. As within anything, moderation is the key.

Green tea

Not always tasty, change this by adding elderflower to it which will also increase the activity of the tea’s anti-cancer EGCG’s by about 50%. Linked to decreasing the plaque build up that causes Alzheimer’s.
Steep for 3 minutes at 85 degrees C.


White tea

Made from the buds of the first tea leaves, contains the highest concentration of life lengthening Polyphenols. Also has less fluoride content than other teas which in excess can damage your bones.
Steep for 3 minutes in nothing hotter than 80 degrees C. These leaves are delicate. 2 cups of the stuff can kill 80% of bacterial virus in 10 minutes. Destroy that cold.


Black tea

Whats left after the green tea oxidises. Good for combating sugar spikes after consuming carbs. And has also been linked to cutting your risk of a stroke
Steep for 4 minutes at 100 degrees C.


Its said that you can reduce your risk of heart disease by 22% if you drink good teas daily.

TIPS | Green tea, white tea, black tea. What does what...

TIPS | Green tea, white tea, black tea. What does what…

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