Pictured: Unplanned deadlifting with 4X Mr Universe @charlesmario in London Golds Gym . He tweaked my form a tad – hit a new 180kg pb (not raw), basically his warm up compared to my chicken legs. Always learning.

The start of the trek 👆🏻 achieved 2kg of weight gain over 5 months knowing correct nutrition would be tough and mass loss probable while in the Himalayas 💩😬

Unfortunately with training naturally only about 0.5 kg of that 2kg will be muscle the rest glycogen thus water retention and fat

Training naturally takes time to add strength and thus muscle adaption – size

Science says you can expect to add up to 2kg of muscle a year. And that’s if your nutrition and form is down to a tee

Stick at it and stick to the simple key principles

  • Hitting 1g of protein per pound of body weight
  • Eating in a calorie surplus
  • Slowing increasing training volume over time

Keep it natural keep it nature 👌🏻

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