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Within 6 weeks following the below training program I managed to add:

  • 30kg to wide stance squat
  • 24kg to bench press
  • 24kg to sumo deadlift

As did Alice, featured in the video, adding double figures onto there lifts. Which if like myself and Dan Bilzerian you have chicken legs – it’s a great way to add some strength


The program focuses on Hypertrophy basically what Arnie raves about and trained with. It means using compound exercise many times in one week to overwork the muscle group and promote strength and size gains whilst upping the weight and frequency week on week until a de-load at the end.

The benefits:

  • Add overall strength, due to such compound exercises the body realise a lot of growth stimulating hormones which develop the entire body
  • Again with these types of exercise you’ll chew through stubborn fat. With proper form and breathing every muscle group will be worked
  • This is good for male and female as you can see from the video below. It can be adjusted changing in the less compound exercises for whatever you like. I would just suggest you keep on the same muscle group but choose a type of exercise that suits you and keep in the three main ones – squatting, bench press and deadlift as these are the main overall promoters of strength
  • Most of us, especially in London work 9 till 8 jobs and can’t live in the gym and watch our nutrition intake 24/7. Concentrating on doing each one of the four exercises properly in each session will work everything in a short space of time better than trying to fit in ten different moves in 30 mins rushing it with improper form. I found an hour in total worked for me including the warm up and cool down

Things worth noting:

  • This is an intense program – I found halfway through after the third week I had to take 4 days rest off to fully recover as my muscles weren’t used to such constant overload. Rest more than one day if you need to, nothing is worse risking injury
  • Foam roll and stretch before and after every workout – foam rolling will keep ironing out those niggles and knots that build up from heavy lifting
  • Warm up properly rotator cuffs especially, you should be sweating by the time you engage with each session. Google ‘tabata exercise’ and pick a good 15 min one. Check this post for some good warm up points –
  • Focus on slow controlled lifts. Lower weight and correct form is ten times better than rushing a move with heavier weight
  • Think about your breathing, getting this right will allow you to lift more and more importantly protect your back on squats and deadlifts

On the program itself:

  • Adjust the weight to whatever you feel comfortable. The weights featured are just a guide
  • I chose to add in sumo deadlifts rather than normal deadlifts as I found squatting put enough stress on my lower back. I didn’t want to add more to this with normal deadlifts. Sumo deadlifts reduce the strain on your back a lot
  • If you do other activities as well as this program just be careful as you will be really tearing the muscle fibres during the sessions. If you train on a morning and play football on an evening just make sure you are constantly stretching and warming up and down more than you normally would
  • Foam roll – it improves overall performance in general let alone allowing you to sit on the toilet in less pain after week three kicks in

Whilst starting this program I’ve moved off whey protein and onto vegan proteins. I’ll be writing another post on the reason for this but a few things I noticed were less bloating, less calorie intake and a general feeling of better quality muscle gains i.e the muscle won’t deteriorate if I don’t train for a week

The protein shake I now use is this warrior blend raw vegan powder from Sunwarrior. I aso used this pre workout powder ‘mypre’ from myprotein on mornings when I was shattered from a late night, or if I’d had some drinks the night before. But don’t get reliant on it. The more natural the better

Any questions drop me a tweet: @healths_wealth

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TIP | 6 week hypertrophy training plan - build strength add mass and destroy fat