To the point, here are the claimed benefits of Simply Supplements Organic Pure Green Tea Extract and the noticed benefits over a three week period.


Morning – Before a morning workout one tablet first thing, 3 egg whites, pint of water, krill oil tablet, small handful of this Holland and Barret protein cereal and almond milk.
Evening – In from work around 6:30pm an hour before eating evening meal.

Claimed benefits

  • The flavonoid compounds found in green tea may help to protect the heart by preserving the delicate cells that line blood vessels. This enhances circulation and the transportation of nutrients around the body.
  • Believed to improve the ratio of HDL ‘good’ cholesterol to LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol in the blood.
  • May support weight loss as part of a calorie controlled diet.
  • Contains 40% polyphenols, compared to as little as 3% in standard black teas.
  • Much of the scientific research surrounding green tea has focused on the role EGCG may play in the prevention of heart disease, cognitive decline and certain cancers.

Noticeable benefits

  • Overall weight loss, a noticeable difference in definition especially around the lower stomach (whilst on the same clean diet found here). It seemed to aid getting over the long plateau wall to burn that little bit extra.
  • Oily skin complexion slightly improved across back – shoulders and forehead.
  • Alertness, not being one to use pre workout powders it seemed to give a little wake up hit to aid with the sluggish morning start.

It’s often difficult to know which companies to trust with these sorts of things. A plus point of Simply Supplements is that they are GMP Approved (Good Manufacturing Practice) in the supplement world and have a strong online following with over 12,000 positive reviews. For price to quality, they ain’t to bad, you’d have to stretch to specialists with larger prices to find pure’er.

They currently have a 50% off and buy one get one free deal until the end of Feb if the product appeals to you.


A review of an 'Organic Pure Green Tea Extract supplement' - neutralise free radicals, protect DNA and aid in weight loss...

A review of an ‘Organic Pure Green Tea Extract supplement’ – neutralise free radicals, protect DNA and aid in weight loss…

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