In the beautiful #amazon #100rep workout, a massive shout out to @alicealdous who is running the london marathon for it.

This place is sweaty, hot and everything will kill you… And it is truly magnificent.

Until I explored the amazon and researched it I ignorantly never realised how fragile and endangered the place is. Huge gratitude to the rangers and charity’s who protect it, one of which @alicealdous (check her out 👀) is running the #Londonmarathon for: The Rainforest Foundation charity, they support indigenous people and traditional populations of the worlds rainforests.

If like me you have a passion for wildlife and nature please drop her a little sponsor I know she, the charity and mother nature would be hugely grateful :). Link in bio or

If you ever get the chance I highly recommend trekking the amazon and staying in eco lodges with rangers that look after this precious world.

(Sometimes, especially in the amazon you just have to use anything and get on with it)

#100rep inverted row on a fence

#100rep dips on a table

#100 rep single leg lunge with one foot on table
Rest at failure, don’t stop until you reach 100

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