Nutrition tips for staying in shape while travelling, Cuba example

When in Cuba . Myself and my yogi bending cousin @carol_atkin picked ourselves up a stash of pure home grown cigars horse back trekking through the tobacco fields of Vinalles in the hills, a different side and beauty to Cuba. Paired perfectly with the coco loco rum and some little short shorts.

#cuba is an incredible place with a phenomenal culture and people but I found it pretty tricky, more so than CA and SA, to pick up decent snacks or fruits etc as supermarkets don’t really exist and food tends to be more on the rice and fried side with a few little dishes of meat. So being wary of getting close to your daily protein target (1 gram per pound of body weight) to maintain muscle long with good carbs was a little tricky
Here’s a few tips I found helped

  • Stock up on some tins of tuna if you stumble upon a little market, each tin packs close to 28g great for snacking
  • Chicken has the highest amino acid profile compared to other meats, you ain’t getting much steak here, and the servings of it are bigger than other dishes so it’s a great choice to help boost with white rice
  • You can pick up a glass of natural yoghurt from little grandmas out of their living room windows for really cheap. The slow digesting protein casein is spot on if you’re hopping on a long bus ride or exploring the day
  • The most important – stay in a casa (home stay) with a lovely family, aim for the grandmas they know how to cook and mother you. Plus they love to feed you huge evening meals, casa José in vinalles was amazing

I tried a out a wicked #legsession in my Havana casa living room that destroyed me for both cardio and hypertrophy using just body weight, a chair and my big #travelbag. I’ll post it next so look out for it

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