Keeping in shape while trekking, walking almost 200km of the HimalayasNope – Shameless top off #gymgains shot in an expensive gym locker room after taking a mass of pre-workout supps and before hitting the bench for #chestday

Yup – Shameless top off #travelgains shot in a cheap hostel with no hot water after trekking 124km of the Annapurna circuit and before heading to Pukara to jump off some cliffs with a parachute  – Yup 🙂

Here’s to the outdoors and Mother Nature as your gym buddy. Keeping fit with body weight, CrossFit bands and gym wraps (pull ups off any uneven tree branch -monkey-) any place every way.  #travelgains – body and mind


I find it helps to eat everything in sight when on the mountains staying in a calories surplus. The supps I’d recommend to travel with when hiking are BCAA and Glutamine tabs which come in super handy in countries where meat is hard to come by and thus hitting your protein macros aarrggghhh

Shoot: Zostel Pokhara, daily roof top yoga, a BBQ fire pit and it’s right on the lake. Lighting courtesy of a 6 bed dorm room – vivid

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