Mid week big night out?
Get straight back on it with Peter’s (from the sixpackfactory.com) quick detox drink.
Peter quotes:
“Now you can use this as a Detox Juice however I drink this juice every morning of my life because it brings a lot of nutrients to the table and it also helps alkalising my body which is very important as a meat eater. See if your body becomes too acidic it can cause some serious health problems and many cancers are directly related to too much acid in one’s body.”

Blend all the below together and “neck it”.

1. Celery: 5 to 6 short sticks of celery
2. Spinach: A Large Bunch of spinach leaves
3. Radish: 4 radishes
4. Beetroot: 3 to 4 medium size beetroots
5. Carrots: 5 to 6 medium size carrots
6. Ginger: Small size of fresh ginger
7. Apples: 1 apple

A grinding type juicer works best as you won’t get any of the fiber. This is especially important if you use this juice for detox purposes.

Make sure you don’t add to much ginger as it will burn so much that you won’t be able to drink the juice.

HINT | Detox Juice smoothie

HINT | Detox Juice smoothie

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