Here with my cuz @carol_atkin doing our thang in gorgeous Bacalar. Highly recommend the boutique hostel, let alone for the beautiful view and location on the lagoon but more so for the very friendly and warming people. Hungover or not this space will give you the motivation  checkout that view at the end

Here’s a full body workout I was trying out. Woke up the next day with aches in muscles I didn’t know my little ass had . I trained the agnostic (primary working muscle) followed by immediately working the antagonistic (secondary muscle, the opposite muscle relaxing while the primary is contracting) after then resting 30 seconds, basically Arnie’s one love and apparently scientifically proven to build more strength and muscle plus hard working on the cardio front

#TRX chest press 8 reps into wide pull ups 8 reps (1set): 4 sets
#TRX fly 8 reps into #TRX prone fly 8 reps (1set): 4 sets
#TRX tricep flexion 6 reps into close grip chin ups 8 reps for the bi’s (1 set): 3 sets
#Pressups till failure X3
tense your core throughout and the #TRX moves will naturally blast it


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