Need to train, which way’s the… hostel roof, nearest tree, beach, side of mountain… or gag den :/

Four simple light pieces of fitness gear to take with you to aid in training when traveling
Take with you, from left to right…

Arm – Wraps
You’ll never find a straight tree branch so pack some lifting wraps with you when traveling to wrap round, level out and do a variety of pull ups, from anything

Neck – Easy level CrossFit band
Come in various strengths, with these you can train your entire body anywhere within a 2 metre square space

Mouth – Tennis ball
The most important – maintenance. Your own personal sports massage therapist. Rolling on this little fella at every angle on each muscle group from time to time will prevent knots and thus injuries

Wrist – Boxing wrist wraps

The perfect support if you strain a joint, pull a muscle, walk the 124km Annapurna circuit and feel your knee joint is going to explode. These things can wrap  and support anything not just your wrists

Shoot: Cheap hostel (Zostel) in Thamel, Kathmandu with no hot water currently but good plugs as featured bottom right 🙂

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