After years of being a gym monkey and nutrition nut the best thing I’ve learnt is trial and error. Everyone is unique and responds to weight loss, food and exercises differently. The best way to achieve your goal is just to experiment, learn, try different nutrients and eating plans – see what works for you.

The below worked for me after putting on half a stone of booze and kebabs over crimbo, hopefully you’ll find it interesting. Questions, debates, additional tips or advice please comment below

  • No alcohol for the 30 days
  • If possible train on a morning  (reason below)
  • Stretch before, during (whilst resting) and after exercising. Foam roll away too
  • Drink lots and lots of water and don’t be afraid of salts when training hard, you need them to train, recover and rush nutrient into the muscles
  • When you get peckish, turn to a herbal tea and fruits
  • Focus on slow lifts with good form, it’s not about how much you can lift/do but more how well you do it 2 seconds up 3 seconds down. The exercises are different each week to target different types of muscles and keep shocking the bodies nervous system

*Exercises, supplements and examples are linked and underlined

Daily Nutritional Plan

The below is just a guide, try and stick to the nutritional aspect. Naturally the timings will vary around your lifestyle.

get up – 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites
1 cod liver oil or krill oil tablet
1 good quality (organic if possible) multivitamin
Green Tea (preferably a good black one like Oolong tea as it oxides fats when training) add lemon and ginger to detoxify your high acidic body after sleeping.
TIP: Your body can convert excess glucose into fat when you sleep. When you wake you have very little carbs for energy, eating carbs first thing will easily allow your body to break them down for energy – we want it to target the fat stores.  The fats from the cod liver oil and egg yolk make your body release fat digesting enzymes, as you train your body will turn to fats for energy as it has already released the enzymes to begin digesting them. This takes a while to happen and you will find early morning training hard at first but it does get easier as your body adapts.

7:00 – 8:00am
Gym Exercises – see below

This Whey protein (or this Vegan one if milk whey isn’t your thing)
This wheatgrass (essential vitamins and minerals)
These Ground Oats
These Salts
All mixed in a shake with water and drink it
TIP: It’s important to have glucose and salts with protein for your muscles to absorb it better.

This Holland & Barrett cereal with almond milk and lots of it. Sprinkled with these ground chia seeds and these flax seeds topped with greek yoghurt.

Lunch salad  (high protein ideally): As an example – any of the salads from POD (see them here for inspiration, page 4 of the PDF ). No rice.

Hungry? Snack on some fruit; apple, orange, pear, peach. No banana.

This Whey protein (or this Vegan one if milk whey isn’t your thing) in a shake with water.

Dinner; just veg and meat, no carbs or fats. Some foods to consider…

  • Red onion: help stimulate weight loss due to their natural richness of chromium
  • Beetroot: It’s packed full of iron that satisfies our red blood cells high need for it, which in turn facilitates the supply of oxygen to our entire body more, giving us increased energy
  • Cinnamon: naturally reduces insulin so less sugar is stored as fat
  • Chillies: yes they increase your metabolism but eat them with tomato juice and a further 28% rise in metabolism and calorie burning is added
  • Carrots: high in fibre and water but very low in calories which means more in your belly for no fat gain
  • Chinese cabbage: It is a very good source of electrolytes and minerals
  • Broccoli: high in cancer-fighting phytochemicals and anti-estrogenic indoles
  • Spinach: one of the most alkaline foods
  • Turkey: if you don’t believe saturated fat is good for you, try white turkey. The leanest beef
  • Tomatoes: high in lycopene, which prevents cancer

TIP: Don’t be scared of eating late, it’s actually common sense to (healthy eating that is). Your body is in a repair and recover mode as you sleep so it needs the best nutrient content to do so. When you have no food available for a large amount of time the body turns to breaking down muscle for amino acids. 

Bedtime – this slow digesting casein whey protein with water



Week 1

General strength and conditioning to get back into it.
(rest periods no longer than 30 seconds use a weight where by on the last 2 reps you are struggling)

Monday & Thursday
– 7 min rowing interval warm up
– Chest press 15 reps – straight into bar shoulder press 15 reps – rest
(repeat for 3 more sets adding weight, 10 reps, 8 reps, 6 reps)
– Flat bench dumbell flys 15 reps – straight into side lateral raises 15 reps – rest
(repeat for 1 more set 15 reps again)
– 30 press ups (pause and rest if needed until you complete 30) – rest
– Close grip bench press 15 reps – straight into tri dips using the bench – rest
(repeat for 3 more sets adding weight, 10 reps, 8 reps, 6 reps)
This abs routine

Tuesday & Friday
– 7 min bike interval warm up
– Squats 15 reps – straight into seated position up against wall holding weight – rest
(repeat for 3 more sets adding weight, 10 reps, 8 reps, 6 reps)
– Deadlifts 15 reps – rest
(repeat for 3 more sets adding weight, 10 reps, 8 reps, 6 reps)
– Machine quads extension 15 reps – straight into machine hamstring curl 15 reps – rest
(repeat for 3 more sets adding weight, 10 reps, 8 reps, 6 reps)
– 50 body weight squats
– This abs routine

Wednesday & Saturday
– 15 min swim warm up
– Wide grip pull ups with knees to chest 10 reps – straight into close grip chin ups 10 reps knees to chest  – rest
(repeat for 3 more sets 7 reps, 6 reps, 5 reps)
– One hand dumbell lawn mowers 15 reps
(2 sets on each arm non stop switching)
– 30 Lat pull downs
– 20 inner grip palms facing each other pull ups with knees to chest
(pause and rest if needed until you complete 30)

– (eat a good cereal) Spin class or 30 min run

Week 2

100 rep routine – Find it here

Monday & Friday
– 7 min rowing interval warm up
100 rep routine 1
– This abs routine

Tuesday & Thursday
– 7 min bike interval warm up
100 rep routine 2

– 15 min swim warm up
100 rep routine 1
– This abs routine

– Rest

– 7 min rowing interval warm up
– 100 reps of chest, bar shoulder press, z bar bicep curls,  bar tri extensions
– This abs routine

Week 3

TRX workout – Find it here
(30 second rest max)

Monday & Thursday & Sunday
– 15 min swim warm up
– Chest, shoulders hips and tri-ceps routine
(3 sets of 15 for each movement)
– 50 press ups (rest if need just make it)
Supermans (3 sets of 15)
– This abs routine

Tuesday & Friday
– 7 min rowing interval warm up
– Back and bi-ceps
(3 sets of 15 for each movement)
– Normal grip pull ups 3 sets of 10
– Oblique twist (3 sets of 15)
– Pike crunch(3 sets of 15)

Wednesday & Saturday
– 15 min swim warm up
– Legs
– This abs routine

– Rest… You’re going to need it for the final week.


Week 4

CrossFit routines
(Time to push it! – Unless you’re a Crossfit athlete this week will push you both mentally and physically)

Monday & Friday
– (eat a good cereal) 30 min Spin Class (or use the turbo bike  yourself)
– 21 barbell thrusters – 21 pull ups – 15 barbell thrusters – 15 pull ups – 9 barbell thrusters – 9 pull ups
95 pounds for men / 65 pounds for women
(No resting – Time yourself, you should be able to do it between 10 – 13 min pushing yourself. The pro’s do it in 3)
This abs routine

Tuesday & Saturday
– 7 min rowing interval warm up
– 100 pull ups (doesn’t matter how many times you rest, just get there)
– 200 press ups (doesn’t matter how many times you rest, just get there)
– 250 body weight squats (doesn’t matter how many times you resr, just get there)
(Time yourself, you should be able to do it between 20 – 30 min pushing yourself)
This abs routine

Wednesday & Sunday
– 15 min LIGHT swim warm up
– 100 barbell thrusters
40kg men 20kg women (including bar)
(Every time you need to rest drop the bar and do as many press ups as you can, then back to it. It doesn’t matter how many times you rest, just get there)

– Rest

Good luck 🙂