Essential supplements to take with you while travelling to help maintain muscle, stay fit and feel healthyHere’s the supps I’ve found really help whilst traveling (along with a little bag of protein powder)

#BCAA and Glutamine:
to aid in reducing #muscle breakdown. I normally take one of each on a morning with whatever breakfast is conjured up. They’re also great if you know you are going on a long bus journey and most likely won’t be able to get a decent nutrient dense meal within 4 – 5 hours, taking one of these each will help stop your body turning to muscle breakdown for energy

Krill oil capsules:
A personal preference for the huge benefits of the essential quality fatty nutrients they supply.

Vita pharama organic vitamin and mineral capsules:
A little boost in greens, you never know what you are going to find whilst out exploring.

Sometimes lots of mouth watering fruits and vegetables, sometimes weeks of rice, beans and shreds of chicken. Either way I find these little organic gems at least give my body something nutrient dense to begin the day with.

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