CrossFit bands are great for traveling. Light, cheap, train anything anywhere plus they marry up as a backpack band to carry stuff

After days trekking the Kuri pass burning the legs with a 15 kg back to 4000m it was time for some upper body work back in Delhi. No dieting here, eating everything in sight keeping fat on for trekking energy and as it’s a veg only diet here. Curry gains for days!

I found this chest and back working in muscle pairs (concentric – eccentric) really gave some good burn. Go slow keep tension.


Press-ups (till failure)
Bent over row wide grip (till failure)
4 sets


Flys (till failure)
Sitting row narrow grip (till failure)
3 set


Prone flys (till failure)
4 sets

Don’t believe bands give a good workout? Have a look at the pectoral contraction at the start of the video

The Kuri pass is a magnificent trek in with stunning diverse Himalayan scenery. ?? Hostel = Poshtel let’s bunk in Green Park Delhi, India

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