I often get people talking to me and asking me about lower back problems whether from previous injuries, poor posture or consistently hurting it when training with weights etc

“I can’t squat, I have a bad back” or “I can’t do deadlift my back is to sore”

You can! Trust me. When I was young for years I constantly injured my lower back (Lumbar) from trying to lift weights that were far to heavy for me (thinking I was ‘a bro) with poor technique. It was largely due to being an uneducated fool but also from not knowing how to warm up the spine and hips correctly.

Sometimes it is a medical problem but for the most part it’s often just a lack of strength, flexibility or activation of the spine and hips before engaging in exercise. I would recommend the below video techniques…

  • To throughly activate and warm up before an exercise session, especially before heavy compound lifting (squats, deadlifts etc)
  • To do at home to aid in strengthening your lower back and hips and to increase flexibility and stability

(excuse the rough quick setup)