After 9 months in South America it was time to head back to London and back to a gym for a little while (it’ll never beat hanging from trees)

Long time out? Remember these three things…

  1. You can’t diet and gain muscle/strength. You need to gain some fat to gain size by eating in a calorie surplus (eating more than what you burn)
  2. You can ‘get big’ (hypertrophy) by lifting lighter weights more slowly with better form and technique rather than lifting with ego.
  3. Dieting fast and hard isn’t effective. It messes with your hormones, energy levels, mental state and you will loose a lot of that hard earned work. Slowly over time gradually reducing your calorie surplus in a controlled manner does.

The above video spanned 3 months, 2 months eating in a cal surplus, 1 month gradually reducing to under BMR. Not ripped, not super strong but a start. Prior to beginning I hadn’t deadlifted in over 9 months with 8 of those months abroad training using only body weight.

Don’t be scared of gaining weight to increase strength, power, arms, legs, bum. Using flexible dieting it’s not difficult to gradually loose it and reveal/use the hard work gained. I started…
July: 115kg 1RM deadlift 
Oct: 160kg 2RM deadlift, hopefully 200kg by Feb.

2 hypertrophic sessions – 1 strength session – repeat – over a 3 way body split works like a charm. (hypertrophic = lighter weight, technique focus, slower negative/positive phases)

2 months eating surplus, 1 month gradually reducing calorie intake while maintaining intensity. The longer you do both the better the results, three months is probably the minimum to see a change.

I still eat kebabs, drink on a weekly basis and have a standard 9am to any hour London job. But accountable for it through flexible dieting. I take vegan protein and BCAA, nothing more :).

3 months to make an impact on you? The time will pass anyway it’s whether you choose to take advantage of it or not.

Shot with iphone. Why a video? It’s more real – no contrast light playing, manipulation or tensing 😉

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