And there’s been a lot of eating


Bakewell tart fiend, ex Byker Grover, straight talking (with a slight twang), nutrition nutter, that comes with being a fond exercise go’er, battered mars bar promoter, beach and surfing enthusiast, conceptual creative, Art Director, canny lad, Adam.

Art Director? I’ve been lucky enough to work worth with some of the most interesting, crazy and inspirational people across many global creative advertising agencies in London. And I still do.

So why personal training?  For me exercise and nutrition isn’t a job or ‘a thing I need to do’. It’s a way of life, a true passion, not just a hobby – more than that, I crave it, read about it, study it and practice in it. My creativity in advertising is a career that I love and on the flip side so to is my fascination in nutrition and total fitness. It’s my go to, my blood and one that I want to share and teach. I believe creativity, fitness and well being come hand in hand, one stimulates the other and vice versa. I bring my creativity into my personal training to keep things interesting and challenging for my clients. And in turn my drive for fitness stimulates my creativity.

What you put into your body - you get out

I believe in the holistic approach and explore nutrition and the effects it has on fitness and general well being.  Exercise is awesome! But complimenting it with the proper nutrient for your goals makes it bang on.

Simplicity is key

I don’t believe in getting caught up with fades, hypes or yo yo diets. Simplicity is key in creative executions and communications and so it is with regards to fitness and health. To quote someone I know very little about – ‘Life is simple, but we make it complex’ – confucius

it's not about dieting

I believe it’s about living your life as you want to but understanding the elements you put into your body and how you can balance them, how they will effect you and which ones will and won’t work for you in relation to your goals

we're all unique

Just because one person swears by one thing – it does not mean that it will work or have the same effect for you. You try, you learn and you take those learnings and advance them. We’re all built differently and I believe you should find what works for you and be happy in that (and you will find it), not try to be happy with what works for someone else

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